How long will it take for my gift card to arrive?

You will receive your Gift Card within two working days, either via email or in the post. 

Can I choose which date my Gift Card is delivered?

Yes, you will be able to choose when your Gift Card is delivered, please note Gift Cards will take up to two working days to become active. 

Can a gift card be used more than once? 

No, the Gift Card must be spent in a single transaction. When the purchase is in excess of the available balance on the card, the difference will need to be paid through any other payment tender accepted by the business. 

Can gift cards be topped up? 

No, you cannot reload a gift card. 

How long is the gift card valid?

The Gift Card is valid for a minimum of 12 months from the date of purchase, please check each individual business’s terms and conditions. 

I have lost my gift card. Can it be replaced? 

Unfortunately not, but as all Gift Cards can be sent via email you shouldn't lose it. Printed Gift Cards will be the customer’s responsibility post dispatch. 

Is it possible to return a product I have bought with a gift card?

This will be dependant on each business, please check the relevant terms and conditions before purchasing. 

How can I redeem my Gift Card? 

All you have to do is open the E-Gift Card on your smart phone and show your unique customer code to the cashier or hand over the printed Gift Card. If you are shopping online, you must simply enter your unique customer code at checkout on the website. 

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